Help bring a this amazing science resource to Keith Students!



Our Keith Elementary school organizer is:



Stefanie Harris 



 Process for scheduling your opportunity is as follows:


1) School tells volunteers about opportunities (see list below)
2) Volunteer coordinates with the school rep to advise interest
3) Volunteer gets trained (see dates below)
4) SRC sends confirmation of training to school rep (Volunteer may want to email Ms. Harris as well)
5) Volunteer contacts school rep to set up the date.  School rep makes arrangements with grade level school staff and advises volunteer of date options.
6) Volunteer contacts SRC to coordinate date and times for presentation
7) SRC sends confirmation to school rep
8) School rep sets up final schedule with teachers, technology, and classrooms for presentation
9) Volunteer presents; Students and teachers are thrilled!



Please check this list for 2018-19 trainings and mark your calendar!  Stefanie made this list specifically for SRC trainings that apply to Keith volunteers.



We are building signups to help keep us organized




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for more information about the facility or directions to the location please visit the SRC website at:


We are so thankful to our sponsors for their generosity!




Thank you for helping your PTO!